Heebee Geebees

Too many times, I’ve arrived at the golf course, loaded my bag on the cart, organized my tees and golf balls for the day, went to take a seat in the cart and...there is an unidentifiable, highly suspicious, sticky mess on the seat of my cart; or, there are cigarette burn holes; or there is a shiny mist left behind from when the cart attendant “cleaned” it. And that’s just the stuff I can see. What’s on there that I can’t see?! I don’t want to give anyone the heebee geebees, but lord only knows! Luckily I’ve found a simple, comfortable solution to all these little annoyances. I now come to the course equipped with my new golf cart seat cover from Tote Me Around.

. No more asking for a new cart. No more asking for a towel to sit on, or a squeegee to perform maintenance on the seat of the cart. I just slip my seat cover over the handles and I’m cruising in comfort and style for 18 holes. The soft, plush seat cover is as inviting as a thick zoysia fairway. And whether it’s 110 or 40 degrees outside, I know I’ll have a safe haven to return to after each shot. I don’t have to quietly worry about sitting in someone else’s...anything. And I don’t have to worry about burning or freezing my legs on a cheap leather seat. As all golfers know, a clear head is half the battle out there; and if my golf cart seat cover can provide me with even a little peace of mind, I’ll take it! So now, not only do I ride in comfort, style, and cleanliness (for all you germiphobes out there like me), I’m able to worry only about the things all golfers worry about, like, how I’m going to clear this water hazard!


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