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Got a club event coming up?! Great! Unless you’re the one responsible for finding/organizing the gifts and prizes for everyone. How many golf towels does one golfer need? How many golf shirts they’ll never wear? How many sleeves of golf balls? Don’t get me wrong, golfers need towels, shirts, and golf balls, sure...but isn’t this event supposed to be FUN?! Isn’t there something that we can provide for our guests that will cap off their experience with a bang?! Well, now there is! Golf cart seat covers from Tote Me Around. They’ve probably never seen or heard of a golf cart seat cover before and they may not know why they would need one. But, rest assured, once they have one, they will never again be without it. The fun styles and luxurious quality of Tote Me Around’s golf cart seat covers will enhance every golfer’s experience on the course by making it more fun and more comfortable. They won’t be able to wait to get back to their home course and try it. And whether it’s a hot, cold, rain or shine day, they will be riding in style and comfort for the rest of their golfing days. Ladies will love the fashionable designs offered by Tote Me Around; and gentlemen will grow dependent upon the comfort and convenience of their new golf cart seat cover. So, be the hero of your next club event and provide your guests with an exciting, new gift that not only will they love, but they will actually use!

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